One Year Later: what have I been up to

Mar 18, 2024

It has been more than one year since my last post, on which I decided to stop making excuses and start writing more. One year later it seems like I wasn’t really capable of meeting my original goal, but it’s better to be late than to be sorry, right? So now, after so much time has passed, I feel that it is right to reflect on what happened on this last year and maybe, who knows, get some ideas to choose where to go next.

Moving to Hugo

Feb 28, 2023

I’ve decided to run my website on hugo from now on so that I can focus more on bringing more content to the web with minimal effort. I would love to create my own static website generator later, but right now I must prioritize writing and producing useful content as much as possible and I feel like hugo’s pre-built structure will serve me right for the time being. Of course there’s a learning curve to it (I’m still learning how to create tags and so on) but as soon as I get the hang of it I’ll make sure to avoid the excuses and write more.